A Year After Breonna Taylor’s Death

On March 13, 2020, whilst she laid sound asleep Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville Metro Police. The death of Breonna Taylor sparked conversations throughout the nation about the changing of policing.

One year later pleads for an abolition of systemic racism still are heard throughout the world. There have been countless rallies this past year in honor of Breonna Taylor’s name. But what happened to her killers? A year later no one has been brought to justice.

In September of 2020, Brett Hankison, a former Louisville detective was indicted for wanton endangerment. He was charged this because of the neighbors whose apartments were shot into when he and the other officers fired without being able to see what was beyond the sliding glass patio door. As for the other two officers that were at the scene shooting alongside Brett Hankison, they have not been charged with anything. Detective Myles Cosgrove and Joshua Jaynes received letters of termination in December of 2020 and were officially fired on January 5, 2021. Still, no one has been charged in the death of Breonna Taylor.

A year later there’s still an important question that arises. If the video footage from the scene, witness accounts, statements by police officers and forensics reports show the raid was not properly executed by the books, why aren’t there any more indictments? Throughout this year there have been campaigns raising awareness of crooked policing. One of these campaigns is StandWithBre, a campaign set to keep up to date information regarding Breonna Taylor and actions to “#StandWithBre.” Another campaign was designed by Demi Lovato that includes donation links, a link that sends pre-written emails to the Louisville Chief of Police and Mayor Greg Fischer. Lastly, New York Liberty WNBA has launched a campaign to email Greg Fischer and make demands to fire the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death. The campaign posts direct links to email, tweet, or call Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to demand he bring charges against Detective Myles Cosgrove and Detective Joshua Jaynes. Thought these campaigns there has been a common theme: justice being served. Many people believe firing Officer Brett Hankison is not enough. The people of America and the world want justice and it has yet to be served.

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